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BeachTek DXA-SLR Dual XLR Audio Adapter with Built-in Preamplifiers and Phantom Power

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  • Sturdy die-cast aluminum chassis
  • Camera mounting bolt
  • Record/Playback monitor
  • AGC Disable feature
  • Headphone jack
  • Headphone volume control
  • MONO / STEREO output switch
  • LINE / MIC input switches
  • Ultra-slick trim controls
  • Phantom power switches
  • Good/Peak level indicators
  • Two balanced XLR inputs
  • Auxiliary mini-jack input – ideal for wireless mics
  • Output mini-jack to camcorder
  • RCA inputs for playback monitoring
  • Low noise preamplifiers with HI/LO gain settings
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The BeachTek DXA-SLR is a two-channel, active XLR adapter with built-in preamplifiers for attaching external microphones and other audio gear to any DSLR camera that has a built-in mic jack. It can also be used with any camcorder or other audio recording device that has a mic jack. The DXA-SLR uses exceptionally low noise, wide bandwidth preamplifiers for superb audio.

The DXA-SLR is very easy to set up and use. It allows you to connect a wide variety of audio devices including wireless systems, mixers, sound boards and professional condenser microphones that require 48 volt phantom power to operate. The built-in signal indicators make it easy to verify the proper input levels at a glance while the level controls allow you to adjust the output level for optimum recording. The headphone jack lets you monitor the audio from the adapter during recording, or camera during playback. A unique feature of the DXA-SLR is the ability to control the wild swings of the Auto Gain Control that plague most cameras. This dramatically reduces noise during quiet moments of recording. The adapter mounts to the bottom of the camera and can also be mounted to any standard tripod.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in
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