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Portable 8×8 Silk Kit

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The 8×8 Butterfly Scrim Kit consists of a collapsible aluminum frame that can be easily assembled and fitted with interchangeable light modifying, light absorbing or opaque screens to transform any kind of strong light source from hard to soft, and raw to controlled. The sheer size of our 8×8 Butterfly Scrim helps to master the harsh nature of a powerful light source into a wide variety of diffused illumination solutions. Even the most severe, direct light is changed into a gentle and controllable source for still or video photographers. Light loss is about one stop.
The 8×8 Butterfly Scrim frame is supported best by C Stands, using the two included C Stand Adapter Brackets. When secured with weights or sandbags outdoors, it reduces the intensity of any sunlight and filters softly on subjects being filmed or photographed. In the studio, careful placement of the scrim to the subject or light to scrim surface, anyone can control properties of diffusion and reduction of strength to achieve flattering portraits and fashion images. And, even more exciting to the ‘people photographer’, is the ability to place the light anywhere along the large translucent surface and create some interesting and dramatic effects.


Collapsible 8′ x 8′ Aluminum Frame
7.6′ x 7.6′ Translucent Screen of Artificial Silk Material
7.6′ x 7.6′ Opaque Black Artificial Silk Material
8′ x 8′ Green Screen Fabric
28 Elastic Bungee Tiedown Cords
2 Frame Adapter Brackets For C stands
Padded Carrying Case
Instruction Manual

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